Adobe Central Consulting & Support

If you have an existing JetForm or Adobe Central installation that requires maintenance and/or modifications, TechVantage Consulting should be your first call.

We have been working with the Central Product Suite since 1992. TechVantage has provided Central solutions to over 40 companies in all industry segments.   Our owner has been working with Central since 1992 and has been honored with numerous industry recognitions for his Central implementations.  Read Mark's Bio for more details.

Central Versions and Systems Supported

We support Central running on the following platforms:

  • Windows NT/2000/2003
  • Linux
  • Unix (Sun/HP/IBM RISC 6000, SCO)
  • AS/400

TechVantage supports all versions of Central, from 4.0 up to the current 5.6 version.  As of January 2007 Adobe no longer supports any version of Central or Design prior to 5.5.  TechVantage continues to support these versions as well as the Oracle and SAP Output paks. 

We provide development and support services for the Print Agent (jfmerge), including dynamic forms, preamble files and pre and post version 5.2 subforms.  We can support your  custom version of the Print Agent (i.e., pdfmerge) or any the other non-supported versions of jfmerge. 

Design Services

We offer complete form design services for versions 5.1 and up.  We create and support custom print drivers.  If you have existing forms that need updating and don't have the resources to accomplish this within your organization, please give us a call.

Consulting Services

Consulting engagements can range from remotely updating a single form to a multi-day onsite visit.  Please contact Mark via email at to discuss your requirements. 

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