About Us

TechVantage Consulting was formed in 1998 to provide consulting services to users of the JetForm suite of products (JetForm is now part of Adobe Corporation).  With the rapid growth of the Internet, the company's mission quickly expanded to include the electronic delivery, archiving and retrieval of print output via the web.

TechVantage  has been providing technology services for over 10 years. In 1999 TechVantage began providing complete end to end Intranet and Internet web site development in addition to its electronic document services.  In 2002 the TechVCart system was introduced, providing a base for building robust web based Business to Business ordering, inventory control and fufillment systems for small to medium size  businesses.

TechVantage has built and supported systems for over 60 clients, ranging in size from small business to Fortune 500 companies.  Our clients span all industry sectors.

TechVantage Consulting was founded by Mark Orthner. You can read Mark's Bio here.

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